Lolita Challenge – Day 1

I’ve come across this 30 days lolita challenge on Make Lovely‘s blog and though it would be fun to try (the original challenge is by The Random Lolita). I’ll change it up a bit and post my answers once a week!

Let’s start with Day 1, shall we?

Ten things about your lolita bubble :

1) I started wearing lolita in 2010! The first items I bought were a headbow and an umbrella from Innocent World. I still think they have the best customer service and such lovely items.

2) Even if I’m a goth on a day to day basis, I really love classic lolita… all in black  ❤ (Actual picture of my closet below)

3) I dislike how headbows look on me so I tend to only wear hats, berets and bonnets. Sadly it took me years to realize this so I have a big collection of headbows I barely wear…

4) I can’t seem to resist older AP plastic jewelry! I own a lot of it but have nothing to wear them with since I often dress up in dark classic haha (but that won’t stop me from buying more).

5) I used to feel lonely quite often in my lolita bubble but I went to my first meetup this year and met really great girls! I’m really lucky  ❤

6) I have a strange obsession with cardigans and boleros in and out of Lolita haha

7) My favourite brand is Innocent World  ❤  They have the comfiest blouses, great everyday dresses and the prettiest shoes!

8) I love every main genre of Lolita (Sweet, Classic and Gothic) and most substyles (Sailor, Guro, Punk, Country, Military).

9) My mother and my gf are super supportive of my love of lolita!

10) I’m not too much into prints. I love them but I prefer buying dresses with no prints since my style is more casual.


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