Lolita Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – 10 things you love about Lolita

1) Gorgeous lace

2) The intricate details: ruffles, bows, lacing, pintucks, textured fabrics, little charms on bows, pearls on dresses, etc. I love it when I finally receive a dress or a blouse and realise there’s more to it than I first thought!

3) Quirky purses! Heart, book, treasure box, etc. They are so fun. I feel they can make a simple coord pop!

4) Putting coords together. Dressing up is the best part  ❤

5) The fluffy petticoats (everybody likes twirling in them, right? haha).

6) The possibility to dress it up or down. You can wear a casual coord for errands or go all the way for special events with the same jsk!

7) How feminine it is.

8) The modesty (since I have eczema I like having my arms and legs covered).

9) All the cute shoes!

10) And feeling pretty of course  ❤


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