Otome no Sewing – 1

Hello! I wanted to share some pictures of the first edition of the Otome No Sewing  ❤

I’ve been buying them since the first one came out, they are just so well done and give really good basic patterns! If you get them on their release they are fairly cheap (around 1185 yen) so it’s a very good price for the amount of content you get. These magazines can be ordered on the CD Japan website.

On the cover is a picture of the main pieces that are included in the patterns. These two super cute coords are also redrawn into two wonderful illustrations by Imai Kira :

The magazine has 96 pages and includes 11 patterns (each of them can be traced in small, medium or large so it’s quite practical). The first half of the pages are coords showing the different styles you can achieve with the various pieces available The other half has explains how to make the garments and gives tips and tricks on how to modify (or lolify!) things in your wardrobe.

The styles include :

  1. An old school long sleeved blouse with a peter pan collar
  2. A very simple cupcake skirt (by adding lace it can become a very cute old school skirt)
  3. A bustier with shirring in the back
  4. A long sleeved bolero (which reminds me of Btssb boleros!)
  5. A cupcake petticoat (there’s no pattern, but they explain how to make it)
  6. Bloomers!
  7. A soft bonnet
  8. A head eating bow (very Btssb as well haha)

  1. A tiered jsk
  2. A short sleeved blouse with a high collar and a bib
  3. The same bolero as before (but with short sleeves)
  4. An underskirt (no pattern as well)
  5. Misc items : hairpiece, small headbow, choker and wristcuffs (no patterns but well explained)

There’s also an A line high waisted skirt (see below) and two more jsk (not shown).

My favourite look is the one on the left. I think it has a Victorian Maiden feel to it and is very elegant! The one to the right and the picture below are examples of different arrangements of the coords on the cover. It’s quite fun to see the various looks you can get!

For the tutorial part, they illustrate every step to follow so even if you can’t read the text it’s very easy to understand. Below is an example of how to make a bow (basic but quite important!).

There are also a few illustrations to give a bit of inspiration on how to modify the garment to your liking. This one shows how to tweak the bolero.

Overall I was quite happy with my purchase! I guess it started a new addiction haha

Do you guys own any of the Otome No Sewing? How do you like it?


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