Two Coords – Castle of Nightmare

This week I wanted to try creating two different coords with a single dress. Since it’s October, I picked Castle of Nightmare by Alice and the Pirates! I recently bought from Maiden Clothing and I was very excited to wear it ❤

I feel so lucky that I managed to find this dress in such a great state! The older AatP prints have such a very unique gothic charm that I can’t seem to resist.

I tried style the first coordinate in a Classic way with a lot of Innocent World accessories and give a Goth vibe to the other one by matching it with some AatP items.


Outfit rundown :                                                          Outfit rundown :

– Jsk : Alice and the Pirates                                      – Jsk, Bag, Headpiece : Alice and the Pirates

– Bag, Boots, Jacket : Innocent World                   – Blouse : Innocent World

– Hat : Victorian Maiden                                            – Socks, Shoes : Off Brand

– Socks : Moi-même-Moitié


I prefer the look of the second outfit, but the first one was much more comfortable to wear (although it’s always strange to have my hair up!) ❤

Which one is your favourite look?


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