Lolita Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – 10 things you hate about Lolita

1) Replicas (they are not for me!)

2) The stares… It’s quite irritating.

3) Getting hit by customs (especially when it looks like they hit the box as well…)

4) Having to use a shopping service. I mean, come on, Victorian Maiden and Atelier Boz you’re already so expensive!! T__T

5) Not enough options for hats and different headwear haha

6) Taking so much space! Good luck walking around in a small boutique without knocking something over haha

7) Overheating in the summer

8) Conversion rates for Canada… It’s just been so bad these past few years!

9) How long it takes to get ready (ok maybe I’m just a bit lazy)

10) How easily it gets turned into a costume

This took me so long to fill! I hadn’t really put much thought on things I don’t like before now…

(The first picture is from this video and the second one are stock pictures from the Lolibrary)


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