Otome no Sewing – 2

Hello! Here are some pictures of the Otome no Sewing book 2  ❤

This one has 96 pages and includes 14 patterns (also in small, medium and large). There’s also tutorials to make a headdress and a cupcake petticoat. Since it’s the first fall/winter edition, they included patterns for a very cute but simple coat, some caplets and an adorable scarf which can be very useful if you’re a lolita  in a cold country like here in Canada (I know that coats can be very expensive when you’re just starting to build your wardrobe).

Again, the main pieces are pictured on the front page and are also redrawn by Imai Kira :

This is the first Otome no Sewing that explains how to make a stiff bonnet. There’s also a very cute apron (because autumn is the perfect season to bake apple pies right?). The fabric used for the first coord seems a bid heavier, the lace is very thick and the bloomers are much longer which gives the overall look a cozy feel. The second one is a bit lighter and has more of a sweet look with a three tiered jsk and a huge headbow!

The styles include :

  1. An apron with lace on the bodice and pintucks at the bottom
  2. A long sleeved dress with pleats and a Peter Pan collar (zipped at the back)
  3. A short little caplet with fur details and little pompoms
  4. A long double breasted cape (around knee length) with slits for the arms and a Peter Pan collar
  5. A ruffled headpiece with bows on each sides
  6. A stiff bonnet with lace and bows
  7. A super cute muff!  ❤
  8. Long bloomers

  1. A long sleeved beaded bolero
  2. A tiered jsk with bows on the bodice and a big bow at the waist
  3. A cupcake skirt (the back of the waistband is elastic)
  4. A classic long sleeved blouse
  5. A small beret with a pompom
  6. A big big headbow
  7. A fluffy scarf with decorative bows
  8. A cupcake petticoat

On the pictures below, there are different outfits made with the same bolero and scarf. You can also see that the beret is quite small and must be hard to pull off in a coord.

The plaid salopette is another pattern that this volume offers. It very cute for a more casual look and can be very versatile depending on the fabric that is used to create it. The back has shirring so it adds a lot of comfort to the garment. Next to the dress you can see the long cape coupled with the caplet and the muff. The matching fur turns it into a great set that can be broken up depending on the temperature!

As in the first book, there are suggestions on how to customize some of the garments available. At the bottom is an example of the blouse that can get a more sweet lolita look by changing the collar or a more embellished look by adding beads and a smaller ribbon. It’s fun to see how small details can really transform a piece!

Other patterns are available such as the coat shown below, a hooded caplet and a onepiece with princess sleeves.

I definitely think that the fall/winter Otome no Sewing are my favourites!  ❤


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