Year 2016

In the past year, I’ve had many occasions to dress up! Actually, it’s the first year I attended meets with my lolita community (even though I’ve been in the fashion for many years!). I felt like doing a little recap of my coords to show some of the different styles I’ve tried in 2016.

I’m quite happy with the variety of outfits from sweet to goth and classic. I’ve also tried different hairstyles (even though I feel more comfortable when I keep them down) with buns and braids. I think I found a good variety of leg wear during this year to add a bit more of an interesting detail! I also acquired a lot of cute novelty bags and a few hats ❤

Next year, I’d definitely like to buy more blouses! I hope I’ll attend more meets as well…

Collage 2016_2.jpg

Overall, I’m very happy with how my style evolved in the last year and I hope I’ll get to dress up a lot in 2017! ❤

Happy New Year!


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