Toronto Trip – Casa Loma Museum

Casa Loma is a gothic style house built for Sir Henry Mill Pellatt in the 1910’s and was designed by the architect E. J. Lennox. It has now become a beautiful museum in the midtown area of Toronto that can also be rented events such as wedding ceremonies!

During our short trip to Toronto, my girlfriend and I had the chance to visit this wonderful location and take some pictures of our favorite rooms and decors! ❤

First, here’s a view of the beautiful front of the house. To enter the place, you have to go through the garden were there are is a variety of flowers and a large fountain. Once you go through the main door, you can buy your tickets and enter the main hall.

You can either visit the house and read the signs placed throughout the place or pick up the audio guide downstairs. Since we didn’t have much time, we decided to explore the place by ourselves!

There’s actually around 98 rooms to visit, so we’ll only share the rooms that we preferred! ❤

The Library is a very large and impressive room made of dark detailed woodwork and a light ceiling with many elegant chandeliers. It’s not surprising that this location was selected to do an exposition on the movie Beauty and the Beast back in February! Although it is not shown on the pictures, two walls were fully covered in books and on, the opposite side of this wall were tall windows with lush and heavy curtains.

In one corner was a door delightfully decorated with golden details leading to the gardens of the backyard. It’s also possible to see all the intricate details of the wood work on this picture. Although the walls are very dark, the room was well lit because of the windows and the chandeliers!

One of the most impressive rooms was the Conservatory. Since there was a photograph taking wedding pictures, we didn’t get to go inside, but we still managed to sneak a picture of the stunning glass ceiling!

My second favorite room was Lady Pellatt’s Suite, more specifically the living room area. I loved the contrast of dark wood and light fabric on the chairs and the sofa!

The chairs had very beautiful and intricate details!

Lady Pellatt’s Bedroom had a very cute peacock like grid in front of the fireplace and was painted in lovely colors reminiscent of Marie-Antoinette’s color palette.

Sir Henry’s Suite was decorated in much darker colors and was much smaller than his wife’s living quarters.

There were many rooms such as these, with tea sets and fireplaces decorated in various styles and colors.

The last one was my favorite little nook that looked very cozy and relaxing! I hope that one day I’ll be able to recreate a small room similar to this! ❤

By the end, there was also and exposition of old cars that reminded me of Hercule Poirot movies and books!

Here’s some pictures of the back of the  house when you walk in the little park on Spadina road. This was the last view we had of the place before heading back to the Dupont subway station for lunch!

To anyone thinking of visiting Toronto : I highly recommend visiting this beautiful house! It’s very charming and inspiring!


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