Lolita Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita

1. Seasonal clothing! Whether you live in a cold or warm country, it’s important to adapt your style to the temperature. For example, in Canada, our winter is very cold so it’s nice to have a cute coat, boots and earmuffs. The summer can be very warm too, so it’s good to have a lovely umbrella to protect yourself as well as nice ankle socks or cute sandals to avoid overheating.

2. Bloomers! Some people might find them useless because the skirt usually cover you up down to the knee, but you never know what can happen! It’s also very comfy lounge wear ❤

3. Hats! Hats are the best! There’s a big variety of them (colors, sizes, material) and fit with a broad range of lolita styles.

4. Bolero and cardigans! I’m obsessed with boleros and cardigans in and out of lolita fashion! I just think they are super cute and comfy and there’s such a fun variety of cuts. I can’t resist when there’s cute buttons or a nice knit pattern! ❤

5. Thights! I think they are more comfortable than socks which usually end up rolling down at some point throughout the  day (bonus points of you’re wearing bloomers which help keep them in place). There’s also a big variety of patterns, colors and fabric to suit any taste.

6. Low heeled shoes! It’s nice to go out in heels and they look great with any outfits, but it’s hard to enjoy your day when your feet are in pain so it’s always nice to have a replacement pair of shoes that still looks cute and dressy ❤

7. A comfy petticoat! It’s better to spend your day in something comfortable so I’d recommend something in organza or a thin knit fabric. I tend to avoid tulle which is often very itchy and deflates quickly.

8. Blush! It just gives you that cute and discreet addition of colour that brightens up your face!

9. A quick and reliable shipping service! Unfortunately, there are still many Japanese brands that don’t ship outside of Japan such as Atelier Boz and Victorian Maiden. Even Angelic Pretty stopped shipping items directly from their online shop! That’s why I think it’s important to find a nice person who is willing to help out ❤

10. An organized closet! After spending so much time on building up a nice collection of pretty clothes, it’s really satisfying to find a way to sort everything in a cute way ❤ I like to display my shoes and purses on shelves and place my favourite accessories on jewelry stands. One day, I’ll purchase a nice mannequin to display some coords!


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